• You serve your puch in a traditional punch bowl or choose to fancy it up and serve it in a juice fountain for your party!

• For an adult party, you can have "spike your own punch" bottles sitting beside the punch bowl in lieu of serving a mixed cocktail.

• To make it a little "eerie" fill a latext glove with water and freeze it. When it is time for the party, remove the latex glove and have the hand float as an ice cube in the bowl.

You may want finger foods for your homecoming dance.
In this event, you can theme them to the "murder mystery" part by creating any of these spooky appetizers.
CLICK HERE for recipes.

Desserts-- Since Homecoming is all about school pride, have your desserts reflect that.
You can create (and decorate) football shaped sugar cookies, school-themed cupcakes, a cake that says "Go Ravens", or check out this recipe for a crown cake to emphasize the homecoming election.

Find the most current hits: Find out TODAY'S current hits and download the most current music. You can find a list of the current top hits here.

Stream music from the internet -- If you want current music, but don't want to pay for it, set up to stream music from the internet for your party. You can do so by utilizing the radio function in iTunes! If you don't have itunes already on your computer, you can download it here.

For some great dance music, you can find a number of cds for purchase here.

For Free Music-- Visit your local library for a number of compilations.

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